Hand stamped & recycled/FSC approved carboard boxes tied with hemp twine and flowers

The packaging I use for Saltwater is totally plastic free, and everything can be reused, recyled or composted. I use boxes which are a mix of recycled and FSC approved carboard, recycled tissue paper to protect your treasures, and recyled earring cards. Everything is then placed in a plastic free protective envelope to be shipped safely to you 


I want every package you receive to feel like a gift - even if it's from you to you! I fold each box, hand stamp with the Saltwater logo and package up each piece with love and care. I write a personalised thank you note because every order means so much to me, and tie up your parcel with hemp twine and dried flowers. If you'd me like to send your item as a gift please just let me know in a note at checkout. I can even write a personalised note from you!


My house is full of flowers in various states of being dried. I usually pick them where ever I see flowers growing, whether it's in my mum's beautiful garden in Mayo or growing out of cracks in the walls in Cork city. I take a couple and leave the rest for pollinator friends.